About Our Permanent Jewelry

Come get your forever Bofemme jewelry at our permanent jewelry events! Permanent jewelry is custom made to fit you perfectly, jewelry without a clasp that that you can wear forever without having to take it off. All of our chains are 14k Gold Filled hypoallergenic and nickel free. You can shower with our jewelry and it will not tarnish or irritate you. We have so many styles and options to choose from you can get a bracelet, choker/necklace or anklet - practically anything you want!


Check out our events calendar to see when and where we're popping up next!



Do I have to take it off at the airport? Not at all! You can wear your jewelry through security without having any issues, and you will not be required to remove it during security screening.

Consult your doctor if you will be required to remove your permanent jewelry during your MRI appointment. If your doctor requires you to take off your permanent jewelry for your MRI, you can always bring your piece back for a re-weld for a small fee of $15.

We ensure that permanent jewelry is secure before you exit your appointment. Sometimes accidents happen! Just because our pieces are designed to last, it does not mean they're unbreakable. If you need to remove your permanent jewelry or it comes off for any reason, you're welcome to bring it to us to re-weld.
*All reworked jewelry has a $15 service fee for small repairs.
*If your jewelry is not in its original form and has been neglected, a new piece will need to be purchased.
We are not responsible for your misplaced, fallen off or lost jewelry.